What is the Sirian Command? Part Three

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part three of an inspired explanation. Please see my previous posts for the initial part of the explanation!

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you!

I wish to give you an elementary insight into the constitution of the incarnated being and its relationship to the focus from which it came.  It is a very difficult matter for you to readily understand the tremendous complexity of this subject, but I will endeavour to keep my talk to as elementary a platform as possible.  There are many depths in this, which we are unable to understand; we can only understand within our own circumference of existence.  If we take a very, very powerful one, such as an Energy Parent, who is evolving, (basically, as has been said, reincarnation as such comes from this one) facets of this one take on an incarnate body, and experience through the varying experiences needful for that Parent to evolve.

The Parent is many faceted, and spawns in different dimensions, shall we say, for want of a better word, different states of matter; all this correlation being the source of evolvement.  This spawning in different states of matter is not limited to the one about whom we are speaking; it is common throughout the universe as will ultimately be discovered by the thinking mankind.  You will now begin to realize that the incarnate being, the person who is embodied, as a facet of this Energy Parent, is incarnated in the physical body accompanied by the etheric body, by the emotional body, all of which are subdivided, but they are the three main divisions.  This one also spawns the negative side of itself and so we have what you term ‘disturbances’.  These are related directly to the facets of the Parent.

This may give you cause to ponder that where one person gets a certain sickness, another person does not.  The reason is that only the positive aspects can be touched by a negative aspect of the Parent that has spawned both positive and negative aspects of itself. This may be somewhat difficult for you to understand but I can assure you that it is fact.

Let us deal now with the main divisions of the incarnate man or woman. The centres which you have been activating are many; you have been activating the principal inlets.  There are many subsidiary centres and you are not opening only in-taking centres, you are also experiencing those which give rise to energy into that which clairvoyants call the aura.  There are both inlet and outlet centres.  It is not necessary to energize all these centres.  They become energetic in themselves.  On the energizing of the main centres, the subsidiaries are, of course, in turn, energized.

We deal with the subdivisions of these.  As the physical body is divided into various concepts of varying complexity of both formation and operation (I’ll quote, for example, a brain as compared with a toenail), quite obviously, there is a great subdivision obtaining in the physical body, the subdivision depending on complexity, and also on responsibility of operation.  Of course, the identical applies in lesser fashion to the more subtle bodies in that they are subdivided not necessarily in accordance with the physical body.

The etheric body follows somewhat closely the same pattern; not identical but close.  The emotional body does not follow the pattern of the physical at all, and yet in a sense it does, but in a very, very deep generalized sense only. I repeat what has been said; the emotional body is the source or the root or the sphere in which the roots of all physical illness and mental illness are resident.  The emotional body is the one, which is the part or the division that records.  It is a mistake to call it the emotional body because of, say, an idea of emotion; the emotions as recognized by yourselves are the manifestation of one facet only of the very deep body you term the emotional and normally have very little relation to the body itself; one can say negligible relation to the body as a whole.

It is a highly integrated picture I am trying to paint, a highly complex picture, and I wish you to ponder these words and attempt to get the clear picture of the makeup.  This is necessary for your future work in this field.  It is necessary that you have clarity of vision.  It is necessary for you to see clearly the wonderful, the absolute glory of the concept, the integration and yet separateness of these things.  Try to see the togetherness and the separateness.

To carry on with the emotional body: it is the transferring of experience, it is the dimension, the part in which the distilled experiences are resident.  If you understand, an experience comes back to the emotional body, not as the experience was, but in a distilled essence form.  This, then, of course, goes into the pattern, which is the emotional body and there you have the beginning of karma, there you have resident virtually the mainspring of the incarnate existence.  There you have resident all memory.  There you have resident the ability to transfer the power from the Energy Parent.   There you have the closest approach to that Parent, and with development of this emotional body, so one can merge to a far greater extent, gradually and gently back into the wonderful One we are terming the Energy Parent.

This is what people have overlooked; they have considered that man is separate in that he has a mental body, a causal body and a deep, innermost body.  This is not so, it is the spawning from what I am presently terming the Energy Parent, and the link that you as an incarnate person has with the Parent, via the innermost portion of yourself, that is drawing closer to the centre that spawned you, the Energy Parent. Your abilities obviously increase; this is of no moment, because the abilities may only be used in His Work, the Work, which you have been ordained and detailed to do whilst on the earth plane.

We now approach the message, the main import of this talk, which is the work that is yet to be done.  You must understand that you are not your own masters.  You must understand this, that you would not be present here if you were not the result of the merging of the many aspects of the Energy Parent over eons of time. Each of you has a function to fulfill, a function that was decided upon well before your incarnation, well before your birth, and your responsibility is to discharge this function as best you can.  I meant, rather, that your responsibility is to discharge this function, full stop.

The work involved is never easy, and in the incarnate state I fully understand that distractions, necessary to live in society, make it tremendously more difficult than normally would be; however, all this is known, and known and known.  You will find, as you approach, as this channel is experiencing, you will find out the enormousness that comes with the partial absorption back into the Energy Parent, and it is a partial absorption, but only to equip you with the abilities necessary to fulfill your function.

I will attempt to give you an elementary picture of a further aspect of the bodies which go to make the incarnate entity, the relations to various centres and the mechanics of the healing that we are using—the type of healing we are using. To begin, a brief resume of what has been said; there are the three major segments of the incarnate entity, the outermost, the energy or etheric body and the deep emotional body.

We are repeating, of course, that there are various subsections of each one. These bodies are each responsive to energy inflow. Beginning with the outermost, the physical body, the grossest manifestation of energy—and by the way do not take this word grossest as derogatory, it is just as important as the most infinitely subtle part of the entity, just as important, though for want of a better term we name it as the grossest part—this has energy fed into it.

Now, I would ask you to understand what has been said to you before with regard to cycles within cycles. Within each major organ, is resident an evolving entity, which is responsible for the function of that organ. This entity, in turn, is dependent on energy being transferred to it. You will perhaps know that the heart centre upon which each of you has meditated is a gland, the thymus gland, above the heart, which is disseminated up to the time of puberty. It is disseminated in particular fashion throughout the body. This, you may understand, gives rise to the ability for energy to be transferred to any part of the body.

This, of course, in the intelligent person, gives rise to the proposition that perhaps if one gland is a receptor of energy, other glands might also be receptors and this is so. The gland is the intermediate functionary between the entity and the physical manifestation of energy. These glands are strategically situated where they are needed and in later times, in years to come, the pattern of the placement of these glands will merge. The reasons for their being where they are is not our concern at this moment. The glands are, of course, all important in the functioning of the physical body.

The etheric body is again the transfer medium, you see. How does it transfer energy? It is broken down, if you can get the picture. The very subtle parts could not directly transfer energy. There is a series of intermediate breaking down, or breaking down steps through which the individual energy transfer ultimately occurs. The energy body has no function to fulfill except as a liaison stage which disseminates the energy appropriately and it might be of interest that the entity which activates the energy body, the etheric body, is in the medulla.

The deep body or the more subtle body, the emotional body, is responsible again for the mass transfer of energy, the transfer of energy in quantity; and it might occur to you, of course, that there may be resident in that transfer the causes of sickness both physical and mental because it is quite obvious that the roots would lie in something that was the base. There are, of course, slight illnesses which have a much more shallow base, but the deep ones, the ones which we will be dealing with in the future, they are the ones that are resident in the very deep parts of the incarnate entity.

So, there are major points or, as you call them, centres through which energy is able to enter. There are points through which energy is discharged. You must understand that the emotional body, so called, the deep part of the entity, does not take in one mass of energy and separate that. The emotional body does not take in a heterogonous mass of energy and separate it itself. What happens is, each segment accepts the appropriate frequency.

The emotional body is a complex of different frequencies. Each segment is receptive, of course, to a resonant frequency, which it then discharges through the etheric body, which then, of course, is responsible to pass it through to the appropriate points. I doubt seriously if I have made myself clear, but words are not capable really of conveying the high complexity of what happens; but at least it will give you a general picture of what is actually happening.

Now, when a disturbance is able to enter a certain segment of the emotional body, then the part of the body that responds to that particular frequency is affected. If there is imbalance, which, of course, is the keyword to all sickness, if there is imbalance either inherent or induced, then there is a compensation; there is a surge towards one pole causing the imbalance, be it positive, be it negative. There is immediate compensation that enters in order for it to attempt to obtain balance. This we are presently calling disturbance.

These disturbances manifest themselves as a form of illness depending on the depth of the experience, they manifest themselves either in the physical or in the deeper parts of the conscious mind. You need to understand that all mental affliction is an inability of the conscious mind to function naturally as it should. It is only being inhibited. It is as simple as this, that in one or more of its functions it is being inhibited and this is the manifestation of a so-called disturbance in the emotional body manifesting itself in the deeper parts of the conscious mind. But there are various causes to the inhibition.

So, it is an inhibition to one or more channels, one or more centres, one or more of the abilities of the person to behave naturally.  If the person were completely free of these inhibitions, complete so-called happiness would reign. Complete naturalness would be obtained in all functions, in all thinking. This does not indicate that you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. You cannot, but I would repeat that naturalness for the respective entity would obtain. So, perhaps you are gradually getting a clearer picture of that with which you are dealing.

Now, again, each of the bodies has its respective centres in the brain. It is the mechanizing centre for all that happens in the entity. The body is built around the spine and the brain. Now, the energy that emanates from the etheric body, or is passed through the etheric body, you feel manifest in various places in the head. Where it is being directed in the cure of the physical manifest­ation, you will feel it in the heart centre, because this is where it has to be disseminated from, but initially you will also feel it close to the right temple. You will feel it also in the emotional centre, which is about 2″ above the physical navel. Those two points are connected but they do not relate to the emotional body per sè. Neither of these points is in any way related to what you term the emotional body.

You will feel all that is necessary, all that is pertinent to, all that is relevant to habits, to sickness. This is where the etheric body manifests itself in its passing of energy through to that second centre.

Dealing with emotional problems; now, please get the very definite line of demarcation, as your words are insufficient to explain these things. The emotions are in no way the outcome of the emotional body. They are the result only of the various conflicts that are set up by ordinary living in the incarnate state.

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