Reconnecting with the Source Part Two

Stanley’s persistence and tenacity finally pay off, but the learning wasn’t always easy.

Have I accomplished the balance between the different levels of my multi-dimensional self and have I ennobled my psychic personality to the degree that my Energy Parent can accurately channel through it?’

These are the questions that Stanley would have asked himself in the later stages of his journey to rescue John Korner, and these are the questions that that you should be asking yourself when difficulty is experienced in connecting with or communing with your own Energy Parent.

The Parent is always ready to communicate with its incarnate personality, but sometimes the energies just do not get through to register by way of the psychic centres in the brain. The most common things that prevent this from happening include blockages in the emotional body, stress in the mental body, incorrect mental attitudes and so on, or variations between the realms that separate the person from the Energy Parent.

There is an old adage that states:  “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”. This statement should encourage students to persevere and get themselves prepared no matter what condition is prevailing.  It is the attempt and intent that is the important factor in allowing that communication.

The energies do flow constantly between the Energy Parent and the person; but the main point is the quality of the communion available to the person and this depends entirely on the measure of the emotional and mental maturity.  This process can be enhanced by sincere and humble effort.

Parental Communion is an activity that is secondary to the steps of the Sirian form of meditation because in itself, communion would not bring the student to the point of reabsorption into the parental nucleus.   But when it is faithfully applied in conjunction with the meditation, it does have a significant effect on the smoother progression of those steps.

Parental communion is the development of communicating with and establishing a sense of closeness with the Energy Parent even while the student is still remote, but nonetheless travelling towards it.

Imagine for a moment, that you are travelling towards a distant light.  Even though you are far away, its brightness is still evident and you can sense the emanation of the light as it reaches towards you across the intervening distance.  Your own source of light is pale in comparison to the brightness of what you can perceive, but a blending seems to take place as you focus your light towards the light in the distance.  As you approach closer to the light through the steps of meditation, your own light appears brighter and stronger as it moves into the emanation from the now not so distant light.  Deep parental communion is the blending of those two emanations, and the result is strengthened as the traveller on the path draws closer and closer to the light, ultimately becoming one with it in the final stages of the Sirian meditation.

From the above illustration, it should be apparent that communion is a developmental process that goes hand in hand with the steps of meditation. So, communion can be seen, sensed or experienced as a beam of light connecting the Energy Parent and the person.  The beam is operative from both ends and can be initiated by either the Energy Parent or the one travelling through the initiatory process. But it also incorporates various energy realms through which the energies required for the projection into the present incarnation had to pass through to enter physical manifestation at the time of conception.  These realms connect the person with, and also separate them from, their parental source.

One of the purposes of communion is to redirect any separatist tendencies or influences in those stepping down realms.  They are caused to co-operate in the communion process, not act tangentially to it. As previously stated, interference within that beam can come from a number of sources, including the conscious mind, and shows up as discolouration or negative energy in symbolic form.  This is easily detected, and those who travel the deep path are advised to set aside their worries and problems for a small amount of time so that they can benefit from entering those energies of communication.  Communion is one avenue that can give those needed periods of respite from the hassles or the vicissitudes of life . . . if the student will allow it.

Because nothing is static or entirely repetitive, no two communions are exactly the same; and as one steadily approaches the Energy Parent, the quality of communion will also differ from time to time.  Sometimes, communion may be felt as non-productive for no obvious reason.  This may be because the Parent is going through a particular cycle and is not facing towards the incarnate level or, the person has entered a different energy realm and is momentarily discordant with that energy.

Events do not always hinge on the wishes or wants of the student, as Stanley soon discovered on his particular journey, although the journey he undertook was only able to be taken because of his previous experience with a Sirian Master teacher.  Persistence and tenacity are qualities that are developed in anyone travelling a deep meditative path as these are the qualities that ultimately lead to the reconnection with the Source.

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Reconnecting with the Source Part One

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In ancient times, all beings had a very close connection to their Source. In fact, they lived according to divine principles that seem to have been lost over the annals of time. In those early times, there was still a concept of ‘going into the stillness’ to be reconnected and rejuvenated. Many thousands of years ago, when these concepts were natural to mankind, there was a need for the humans to be close to the ‘ones,’ or to associate with that which projected them into incarnateness.  And so that which is called ‘prayer’ today, grew out of this, but became hopelessly, tremendously corrupted.

This really relates to the approach of the human to its source, or the idea of having an ability to connect with its source not only in time of need, but in everyday living, and also most pertinently in association with meditation.  It is tremendously helpful for the any meditator today, to go into that which was once called ATAVA.  You may wish to call it stillness or receptive prayer, but that was the original name and in that name is embodied closeness, a connection or a deep communion.  As a person goes voluntarily to meditate, and asks for closeness to its source, there is a combination of energies that flows through from various realms in the Logoic body into the one meditating.

This brings a tremendous measure of attunement to the various realms and it is suggested that each meditator goes ‘into the stillness’ twice a day for a brief period separate from any other meditation with which they are involved.  These energies have a balancing effect and can only be beneficial at all times.

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What is the Sirian Command? Part Three

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part three of an inspired explanation. Please see my previous posts for the initial part of the explanation!

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you!

I wish to give you an elementary insight into the constitution of the incarnated being and its relationship to the focus from which it came.  It is a very difficult matter for you to readily understand the tremendous complexity of this subject, but I will endeavour to keep my talk to as elementary a platform as possible.  There are many depths in this, which we are unable to understand; we can only understand within our own circumference of existence.  If we take a very, very powerful one, such as an Energy Parent, who is evolving, (basically, as has been said, reincarnation as such comes from this one) facets of this one take on an incarnate body, and experience through the varying vicissitudes of life needful for that Parent to evolve.

The Parent is many faceted, and spawns in different dimensions, shall we say, for want of a better word, different states of matter; all this correlation being the source of evolvement.  This spawning is common throughout the universe as will ultimately be discovered by the thinking mankind.  You will now begin to realize that the incarnate being, the person who is embodied, as a facet of this Energy Parent, is incarnated in the physical body accompanied by the etheric body, by the emotional body, all of which are subdivided, but they are the three main divisions.  This one also spawns the negative side of itself and so we have what you term ‘disturbances’.  These are related directly to the facets of the Parent.

This may give you cause to ponder that where one person gets a certain sickness, another person does not.  The reason is that only the positive aspects can be touched by a negative aspect of the Energy Parent that has spawned both positive and negative aspects of itself. This may be somewhat difficult for you to understand but I can assure you that it is fact.

Let us deal now with the main divisions of the incarnate man or woman. There are many energy centres in the human body and many of these have been activated; many have not.  There are both inlet and outlet centres.  It is not necessary to energize all these centres.  They become energetic in themselves.  On the energizing of the main centres, the subsidiaries are, of course, in turn, energized.

We deal with the subdivisions of these.  As the physical body is divided into various concepts of varying complexity of both formation and operation (I’ll quote, for example, a brain as compared with a toenail), quite obviously, there is a great subdivision obtaining in the physical body, the subdivision depending on complexity, and also on responsibility of operation.  Of course, the identical applies in lesser fashion to the more subtle bodies in that they are subdivided not necessarily in accordance with the physical body.

The etheric body follows somewhat closely the same pattern; not identical but close.  The emotional body does not follow the pattern of the physical at all, and yet in a sense it does, but in a very, very deep generalized sense only. I repeat what has been said; the emotional body is the source or the root or the sphere in which the roots of all physical illness and mental illness are resident.

The emotional body is the transferring of experience, it is the dimension, the part in which the distilled experiences are resident.  If you understand, an experience comes back to the emotional body, not as the experience was, but in a distilled essence form.  This, then, of course, goes into the pattern, which is the emotional body and there you have the beginning of karma, there you have resident virtually the mainspring of the incarnate existence.  There you have resident all memory.  There you have resident the ability to transfer the power from the Energy Parent.   There you have the closest approach to that Parent, and with development of this emotional body, so one can merge to a far greater extent, gradually and gently back into the wonderful One we are terming the Energy Parent.

This is what people have overlooked; they have considered that man is separate in that he has a mental body, a causal body and a deep, innermost body.  This is not so, it is the spawning from what I am presently terming the Energy Parent, and the link that you as an incarnate person has with the Parent, via the innermost portion of yourself, that is drawing closer to the centre that spawned you, the Energy Parent. Your abilities obviously increase; this is of no moment, because the abilities may only be used in the great work for which you have been ordained and detailed to do whilst on the earth plane.

We now approach the message, the main import of this talk, which is the work that is yet to be done.  You must understand that you are not your own masters.  You must understand this, that you would not be present here if you were not the result of the merging of the many aspects of the Energy Parent over eons of time. Each of you has a function to fulfill, a function that was decided upon well before your incarnation, well before your birth, and your responsibility is to discharge this function. The work involved is never easy, and in the incarnate state I fully understand that distractions, necessary to live in society, make it tremendously more difficult than normally would be; however, all this is known.  You will find, as you approach, the enormousness that comes with the partial absorption back into the Energy Parent, and it is a partial absorption, but only to equip you with the abilities necessary to fulfill your function.

To begin, a brief resume of what has been said; there are the three major segments of the incarnate entity, the outermost, the energy or etheric body and the deep emotional body.

We are repeating, of course, that there are various subsections of each one. These bodies are each responsive to energy inflow. Beginning with the outermost, the physical body, the grossest manifestation of energy—and by the way do not take this word grossest as derogatory, it is just as important as the most infinitely subtle part of the entity, just as important, though for want of a better term we name it as the grossest part—this has energy fed into it.

Now, I would ask you to understand what has been said to you before with regard to cycles within cycles. Within each major organ, is resident an evolving entity, which is responsible for the function of that organ. This entity, in turn, is dependent on energy being transferred to it. There are also many glands, and here we have a mystery connected with the energy centres. These glands are receptors of energy.

The glands are the intermediate functionary between the entity and the physical manifestation of energy. These glands are strategically situated where they are needed and in later times, in years to come, the pattern of the placement of these glands will merge. The reasons for their being where they are is not our concern at this moment. The glands are, of course, all important in the functioning of the physical body.

The etheric body is again the transfer medium, you see. How does it transfer energy? It is broken down, if you can get the picture. The very subtle parts could not directly transfer energy. There is a series of intermediate breaking down, or breaking down steps through which the individual energy transfer ultimately occurs. The energy body has no function to fulfill except as a liaison stage which disseminates the energy appropriately and it might be of interest that the entity which activates the energy body, the etheric body, is in the medulla.

The deep body or the more subtle body, the emotional body, is responsible again for the mass transfer of energy, the transfer of energy in quantity; and it might occur to you, of course, that there may be resident in that transfer the causes of sickness both physical and mental because it is quite obvious that the roots would lie in something that was the base. There are, of course, slight illnesses which have a much more shallow base, but the deep ones, the ones which we will be dealing with in the future, they are the ones that are resident in the very deep parts of the incarnate entity.

So, there are major points or, as you call them, centres through which energy is able to enter. There are points through which energy is discharged. You must understand that the emotional body, so called, the deep part of the entity, does not take in one mass of energy and separate that. The emotional body does not take in a heterogonous mass of energy and separate it itself. What happens is, each segment accepts the appropriate frequency.

The emotional body is a complex of different frequencies. Each segment is receptive, of course, to a resonant frequency, which it then discharges through the etheric body, which then, of course, is responsible to pass it through to the appropriate points. I doubt seriously if I have made myself clear, but words are not capable really of conveying the high complexity of what happens; but at least it will give you a general picture of what is actually happening.

An inhibition to one or more channels, one or more centres, affects one or more of the abilities of the person to behave naturally.  If the person were completely free of these inhibitions, complete so-called happiness would reign. Complete naturalness would be obtained in all functions, in all thinking. This does not indicate that you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. You cannot, but I would repeat that naturalness for the respective entity would obtain. So, perhaps you are gradually getting a clearer picture of that with which you are dealing.

The emotions are in no way the outcome of the emotional body. They are the result only of the various conflicts that are set up by ordinary living in the incarnate state.


This ancient wisdom comes through the Sirian Mystery School aspect of the College of Esoteric Education

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What is the Sirian Command? – Part Two

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part two of an inspired explanation. Please see my previous post for the initial part of the explanation!

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you!


There comes a time in the function of an Inner Self, an immortal spirit, where it is impacted on and is able to respond to the planetary withdrawal force. Such a Self begins to integrate the various facets of itself with new intensity. That Inner Self then, begins to enter a stage of FUSION.  The people projected from such an Inner Self step forward as our leaders and great teachers. They exhibit enormous drive and purpose, going on to uplift the entire human race with the energies that are a product of that inner state of fusion in the Inner Self. Let us look at the patterning then, between such a person, shining like a star among us, and Sirius A and the light it emanates.

Few spirits have reached the higher stage of COMPACTION exhibited in pattern with Sirius B and of the examples that there are, Christ and Buddha are the more well-known. There are, however, also many other Masters in the hierarchy of this planet whose function lies behind the veils of obscurity; they work largely unseen and mostly unrecognized.

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What is the Sirian Command? – Part One

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part one of an inspired explanation. Next week I will post the second part of the explanation.

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you! For further information please visit:


The teaching through the Sirian Mystery School as part of the College of Esoteric Education deals with the profound spiritual constitution of man, but it does so from an energy viewpoint, although other terminology may occasionally be used to enhance understanding. It must be understood that a stellar body deals strictly in energy so this teaching offers an understanding of the universe in terms of energy and frequency and this is the basis of the comprehensive program that the College offers. It is not derived from traditional teachings, although it does assist with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of them.

The teachings of the College are involved with the structure and function of this universe in both its known and unknown operation.  The concepts that are taught involve an understanding of the energy structure of the many forms of existence both observable and non-observable to the conscious mind. The main point to consider is that everything is energy; energy operating in varying degrees of frequency difference.

These teachings depict the universe as a boundless range of energy environments of varying energy spectra and of widely differing functions.  These environments or realms are all inhabited by species peculiar to their own environs and as such are unable to be observed by the human eye, but distinctly observable to the etheric eye.  They are the result of energy nucleified in the form of intelligences and genii, many of which far surpass any human understanding.

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The Sirian Command, the Solar System and Higher Beings – Part Two

I intend describing for you those areas of turbulence that are called disturbances. I wish to describe these for you in the way they begin and to give you as clear an idea as I can pass to you of their nature, their beginning, and their end.  Also, in particular, I wish to describe the procedure to be followed in treating people who are disturbed.

Initially, you must understand that these areas of turbulence are inherent throughout the cosmos, and in such, mankind must participate; not only mankind, but all entities embodied or disembodied.  All suffer, but suffer is not really the correct word; it would be better to say that all experience these turbulences.  It could be said that they are the negative side of a positive process and, of course, yet not. But coming down to specific matters as far as embodied people are concerned, the emotional part of the person is the residence, or the genesis of disturbances through the entity.

If you care to question afterwards, I will explain the development of an entity particularly through the incarnated period.  The emphasis always is on emotion initially, lessening as evolution proceeds.  Therefore, it is not necessarily obvious but somewhat apparent that the basis of all troubles will be the emotional part.  So you can accept the fact from me that all sickness, I can say unequivocally, the root cause of ALL sickness, is based in the emotional part of the person.  Now, this cause is of very, very great interest. Further: Continue reading

The Sirian Command, the Solar System and Higher Beings Part One

The Sirian Connection to the Great Pyramid in Egypt

A series of lectures were channelled through a group of meditators to accompany the Sirian Path of Return to the Source. These lectures are the main platform of the Sirian Command and have come forward at this time to assist humanity in understanding Universal Law and the Creative Healing Law.

They are presented in lecture form for students of the Path, who feel a need to learn of these essential concepts. Analogy is used to explain how energy steps down from a higher frequency to a lower one in the form of a parent giving birth to or projecting or spawning a child or many children. If the reader bears this in mind, the concept of how the energy is able to become a physical manifestation from seemingly nothing, regardless of whether the manifestation be human, animal, vegetable or mineral, will be more easily understood.

Readers are not expected to give immediate acceptance or acknowledgement to any of the following ideas. Rather, understanding will gradually filter through from the deeper levels of the person reading, and each one in their own time, and according to their application will come to recognize that which they are and that which is.

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An Introduction and History of Tarot

From the Hive Tarot 2 Deck

The Tarot has always been very close to my heart. I recognized it as a tool when I was a teenager and purchased my first Tarot deck. There were very few Tarot cards available back then, but I did manage to obtain a Marseilles Tarot deck and a Rider Waite deck. The Rider Waite deck has remained my favourite even though I now own and read from numerous other decks.

There seems to be some mystery as to the origin of the Tarot among those who do not understand its significance. According to one of the Masters of Wisdom under whom I studied, the Tarot of 78 cards that we have today was originally known as the tabula smaragdina or Hermestablet from which comes the saying, “That which is above is also that which is below,” and serves to prove the macrocosmic and microcosmic laws of analogy. These teachings are termed Hermetic Science by those who have studied them and have been initiated into them. Continue reading

Illusive and Engaging Elemental Beings

An Introduction to the Elemental Beings and Their Role in the Story from the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics 

The story in the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics is allegorical. However, all the lessons and the beings mentioned in the story are based on metaphysical fact and are drawn from my 35 years experience of teaching a profound metaphysical path.

You may or may not be aware that there are two aspects to human nature. One part desires to cling to the things of the earth – the physical and the recognizable. The other part is not interested in earthly things at all, but yearns after those things we call “spiritual.” When you begin a spiritual journey, it will sometimes feel like you are the battleground as these two forces fight for dominance. There is a good analogy of this very battle portrayed between Krishna and Arjuna in the Battle of Kurukshetra, which forms a vital part of the grand epic of the Mahabharata. Continue reading

The Character of David Cranston

The Character of David Cranston

Brother Exeter’s offsider, David Cranston, is also an evil type of character, out to feather his own nest by making a pact with demonic forces. Even though he is extremely wealthy, to Catherine, he appears as a smarmy individual who makes her skin crawl. She is initially afraid of him, but goes with him against her better judgment because of her connection to Brian Westmore. She feels this way about Cranston because her higher light vibrations have picked up on his lower dark force connections although she doesn’t realize it at the time. Cranston sees nothing wrong in what he is doing; he is under the influence of Exeter but also blinded by his own greed and lust for power. Cranston’s character is also developed further in the second part of the trilogy.

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