What is the Magic Globe and where did John go?

The magic globe alluded to in the prior post is a portal to the astral plane. Portals exist all around us, but few people are consciously aware of them, even though some people may feel them.  They can be accessed through the process of meditation or through crystal gazing. Many people see them without really knowing what they are or how to access them.

John was sucked through the magic globe to the astral plane. The astral plane is a projection of energy from the Logos; a realm that has been stepped down through the principle of sub-harmonics and exists in a slightly higher vibration than the physical plane. It is also a plane of illusion and unless you have your wits about you, you can quite easily be deceived as Stanley soon discovers.

The astral plane has various kinds of inhabitants and Stanley perceived some of these as the strange faces and apparitions when he was on the floor and his senses were in a heightened state.

Some of the beings that exist in the astral plane include those who have passed over from life on earth and temporarily exist in the appropriate vibratory realm of that plane before moving on to the next part of their spiritual journey.

Later as the story unfolds, Stanley meets some of the other beings of that plane, a few of which I will mention here. These are the beings of the four elements; fire, air, water and earth. Those connected to the fiery elemental principle are called salamanders and Stanley initially has an uncomfortable experience with these beings, until their leader puts him at ease. In another heart stopping experience Stanley is assisted by the undines or mermaids; exquisitely beautiful beings, who nearly cause his downfall while he is trying to escape from a seven headed fire-breathing monster. Stanley also meets various kinds of beings from the earthy elemental principle called gnomes who give him the greatest assistance, but also one of the toughest tests.

There are also a host of other beings that inhabit the astral plane and Stanley meets some of the most dangerous during his perilous journey through that plane to rescue John Korner who is being held prisoner in the lowlands of the astral plane by an evil sorcerer.

The Earth Zone Intelligence, Amouki, assists Stanley on his perilous journey, as he is taking initiation at the same time to learn some of the secrets of magic and metaphysics so he can fight the dark forces and rescue his fellow apprentice. But Stanley wonders if he is ever going to make it.

After you have read this exciting metaphysical adventure, please write to me with questions concerning those concepts you do not understand and I’ll answer them through this blog.

For further information please visit http://www.esotericedu.com


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