The Muse and the Story

I know when I’m going into trance –

I am not an unconscious channel — I channel when I can consciously participate. I am conscious of the reality around me, but it is like this reality has faded out somehow and I am focused elsewhere. It may be described as the simultaneous hyper concentration on something inside my brain and on “somewhere else.” Energies are channeling through us all the time from the level of our soul, so this “somewhere else” could be anywhere between normal consciousness and soul consciousness, because it is not the same every time. Sometimes it is deeper than others. It is difficult to describe, but I do so in case others have had this experience and didn’t know what is was.  You can also be in this state just before waking up of a morning or just before going to sleep at night.

So then what is the muse? The muse in esoteric parlance is sometimes called the soul or the higher self; even the subconscious mind; it sometimes can be the superconscious mind that has connections beyond our planet.

I have heard others say that books tend to write themselves, and in my own experience this does seem to be true. Sometimes this can happen consciously when I make a decision that I need to write something down. I slip into an altered state or a light trance state and jot down the thoughts, ideas or images that come into my mind. Sometimes I will ask to be connected with my higher self and sit with pen and paper until a flow of words starts to happen. When it happens like this I normally write for 30 – 45 minutes at a time. I don’t evaluate what I am writing as it goes quite rapidly. Only afterwards do I go back and read what has been written down.  This is one way the muse operates.

The other way is when I seem to be “called” to write. This can happen in a number of different ways. Initially I am aware of a block of information that seems to be formulated around an idea. So I write down the idea as best I can. When this idea has dissipated another one takes its place and so I go through the same procedure. Sometimes pictures accompany this type of information, so I describe the pictures. At other times I hear a voice distinctly telling me things, so I just write what I am hearing. This in no way infringes upon my personal freedom, as I can stop the information if I so choose. If I haven’t received all the information, sometimes the energies become insistent until I have got it all, but apart from that—it is up to me. It’s like there is a co-creative process going on.

So just the mere act of sitting down and deciding to write can open doors to an unseen world—the fantastic world of the imagination. One never really knows what is going to happen. I have sat down with an idea in my conscious mind to write about something only to find before I am half way though, the entire idea has changed so dramatically—usually for the better—that I don’t even recognize the original idea at all.  This is the muse at work.

I know I didn’t really consciously write the novel, as I didn’t have that information in my conscious mind. It came through from a different level of consciousness; sometimes from the soul level or the level of the higher self. Sometimes I was aware of a being speaking into my mind certain concepts. At these times I merely wrote what I heard, but it seemed to make sense to me.

There are other instances in the book that are based on my own meditative experiences and also on some of my student’s personal experiences as well. Really, the stories are already in the world of ideas in the causal sphere of the planet, and anyone can tune into them and write. Sometimes, we can tap into the Akashic records of the planet and just watch the events taking place. I believe some people have the ability, as writers in an altered state of consciousness, to do this. So even if we wrote about the same thing as someone else, we would express it differently because no two people are alike and no two people have had exactly the same experiences, and even if we had the same muse, the expression through the conscious mind would be totally different.

I have learned to move beyond the conscious mind and tap into other levels of consciousness, and this is why I say, I might write how I want the story to unfold and to end, but as in the case of this novel, with the help of the muse, the novel really wrote itself.

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