Dr. Mitchener – the Metaphysician and the Artist

A serious Dr. Mitchener

I wanted to name the chief metaphysician after my late husband, who was not only a brilliant metaphysician, but also a brilliant artist. His name was Michel, but people who didn’t understand the shortened pronunciation of his name, Mich (pronounced Mish) called him Mitch. So this is how the name of the main character came about, Dr. Mitchener.

As I said previously, I didn’t do a lot of research for this book, the information just seemed to flow into my mind, and so it was for the development of these characters also. The development of Dr. Mitchener was also based on certain characteristics of several of my personal teachers. I jotted down the personality traits that came to mind until the character appeared. I am not sure how others writers go about formulating characters, but this is how it happened for me.

I named the character of Dr. Mitchener after my precious late husband Michel

The physical description of Dr. Mitchener is entirely fictional and does not resemble any one person, but again, I have included certain traits and personality quirks from a number of my teachers. To my mind’s eye he appears as a tall man, medium build, with pale olive skin and brilliant blue eyes that sparkle. He also has a constant smile playing about his lips. His hair is thick, grey and fuzzy and can resemble a halo around his head.

His function on the earth plane is a serious one as he has many students to instruct into the wonderful laws of magic and metaphysics.

As the story developed within the overall context of the idea I originally had, so too did certain characteristics of Dr. Mitchener. I included much information from my own personal teachers and spirit guides, as well as information received from the Sirian Command.

After combining all the information from my notebooks, channellings, and other personal information, I had a fair idea about the character of Dr. Mitchener.


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