SEEING IS BELIEVING: The Existence of Evil and the Forces of Light that Surround Us.

A person’s energy field can contain anything from various thought forms to forces of a dark nature. These forces of darkness can affect a person mildly or catastrophically, depending on the person’s karma. Just as there is a hierarchy of angelic beings, so too is there a hierarchy of negative forces – the so-called dark brotherhood.  Many of this dark brotherhood are selfish or greedy and align themselves to the dark side. My book illustrates what can happen if one is unaware of the hidden dangers of aligning with the subtle persuasive forces of evil that can appear as angels of light.

Because we live in a dual universe, there must be the balance between both poles (light and dark; good and evil). This does not mean that we have to accept any negative influence that befalls us. Naturally, we should fight to overcome them and restore the balance. Here, of course, is where great learning occurs.

As exhaustively illustrated in the book, we also have the forces of Light overseeing us that everyone is familiar with. Most people have their guardian angel in attendance; or at least it watches over them from afar. Some people have a closer connection with their spirit guide, which influences them to some degree or another, depending on their circumstance. Others work with the angelic kingdom, particularly if they are healers or readers. Some have a closer connection to their own soul or higher self, while others have a connection to the Masters of Wisdom through the Great White Brotherhood on our planet, or through other sources throughout the local universe.

So while these beings don’t take our lessons away by doing it for us, they can at least soften the blow or advise us to take a different direction that might alter the emotional impact but not delete the needed lesson. It is well to remember that we are the ones in need of the lesson and have to go through the experiences set before us for our own learning.

Part of my earthly function was to be working in the field of clearing of entities of various kinds that afflicted the unwary and a period of training ensued. The training covered a lengthy period and included a visual down pouring of the Holy Spirit in the form of a crackling cloven flame and I was given much assistance from the Master and shown many things that will be passed at on the appropriate time. One evening, I was taken out of my body and confronted by one of the dark Lords who held me paralyzed. However, nothing is left to chance in spiritual training and I knew exactly how to respond to this attack and so passed the test successfully.

During one such clearing of dark forces on a client I was aware of a huge flaming blue sword suddenly coming between me and the force I was attempting to clear. I was then instructed on how to proceed with these clearings more rapidly and I am still involved in this type of service to this day, although the knowledge of how to work in this field will at some time be passed on to others as, because of the instruction given to me by the Sirian Master, I am now being called to work in other areas of service.

Unless you have had a similar experience with the dark brotherhood or with the white or blue brotherhoods, you may find it difficult to believe in such beings. But seeing is believing, so count your blessings if you have been fortunate enough to witness any such beings, either positive or negative, because nothing happens in this universe without good reason and at some point in time that experience will stand you in good stead sometime in the future.

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