The Characters of Brother Exeter, Brian Westmore and Catherine Peterson


This character is the epitome of evil. He is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, preying on the unwary so he can use their abilities to serve his own evil purposes. He presents a very deceptive mask in the outer world of being a wealthy Baron. He is used to others obeying his commands and becomes extremely frustrated when he can’t manipulate those who work for the light. This he cannot understand as he thinks he should be able to do and have whatever he wants because of his contract with the Prince of Demons.

In the novel, I have made him to be the Master of a secret society that attracts creative individuals who are interested in mysticism. The members of his society accumulate their wealth by interacting with, and ultimately making a contract with the dark forces, but who are ultimately used by Brother X for his own selfish purposes.

However, he is constantly foiled in his attempts to disable Dr. Mitchener and grab the secret code he so desperately wants. So you watch him gradually lose his cool and try to hide it from his students and associates. Because  of his pact with the Prince of Demons he thinks this will save him, but in the end he reaps the reward his karma has set in place.


I included this character in the novel because I wanted to show that it is never to late to change and become that which we were always meant to be. Brian’s character is probably one of the most interesting in this novel as it shows what happens when the negative emotions gain control in a spiritual person with exceptional talents and those talents are then used for evil intent. Brian comes under the influence of the evil sorcerer, Brother Exeter and his minion, David Cranston and really doesn’t stand a chance against their insidious behaviour. Brian’s character is based primarily in the melancholic temperament. This means that he is really supersensitive emotionally, but highly psychic and intuitive.


Catherine is Stanley’s girlfriend, but he really doesn’t know her that well. He only discovers her interest in metaphysics at the last minute before he goes off on his adventure. Catherine’s character plays an interesting role right throughout the novel and actually brings it to an interesting conclusion. She is a beautiful young woman with an otherworldly quality about her that can make her appear quite vulnerable; but is she?

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2 responses to “The Characters of Brother Exeter, Brian Westmore and Catherine Peterson

  1. Brian Westmore: A classic example of why we need to listen to and follow our intuition, and apply discernment even in everyday life.

    Catherine Peterson: She may appear quite vulnerable, but when circumstances require she shows remarkable strength, resourcefulness and determination.

  2. Hello Linda, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, you are correct in your evaluation of Brian. It is so easy to be led astray by the ego when life throws up a lesson instead of being more aware of what is happening and tuning in by using your intuition.

    A good evaluation of Catherine also; sometimes we are unaware of our strengths until we are tested.

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