The Characters of Amouki and Susan Radcliff


Because most people have very little metaphysical training, an entity such as an earth zone intelligence may be non-understandable and looked upon as mere fantasy. This is one reason why the science of magic has remained a secret even in our supposed enlightened times.

The average person would agree that there are different grades of experience on the material plane; the physical sensations, the emotional feelings and the mental thought processes. The spiritual world also contains these states, but in a more subtle form that is not available to our normal everyday senses.

However, they are connected to, and interpenetrate our physical world. These spiritual states have various names, but the most common ones are known as realms, planes, spheres or zones.

The person who relies on the normal five physical senses is unable to perceive anything connected with these subtle realms and spheres and subsequently tends to deny the existence of the beings who inhabit them.

The sphere just beyond the physical is commonly termed the astral plane of the earth zone. Sometimes highly developed spiritual entities of the earth zone step down their energy and become a guide or a mentor to individuals on the earth plane. It depends on the circumstances as well as the spiritual maturity of the person concerned as to the quality of the being who will be attracted to teach them.

Amouki is a fictional character from one of the higher spheres of the earth zone. I have mentioned only a few of the qualities and attributes of such an entity in this novel; more will appear in the later books.

Against stringent warnings from Dr. Mitchener about falling in love with such beings, Stanley does so anyway. This has been the downfall of many magicians in the past because it virtually halts their spiritual progress and keeps them locked into the emotional arena. However, Stanley manages to partially overcome his longing for Amouki when she reveals who she truly is. Stanley meets her again in the second part of the trilogy, but initially can’t remember who she is because she removed the memory of their interaction from his brain centres so he could continue with his spiritual studies.


I have only mentioned Susan Radcliff briefly in this first novel as Dr. Mitchener’s assistant.  Obviously an assistant to the doctor would have to be a bit more than a normal office assistant. So what does Susan actually do?

Who is she, and how did she come to work for Dr. Mitchener? She closely resembles Amouki with her beautiful blonde tresses and flawless pale skin; so why did Stanley fall in love with Amouki, whom he is well aware is unattainable because of who she is, and not Susan who is available, but whom he regards as just a friend? Susan’s character really develops in the second part of the trilogy, The Book of Arcane Wisdom.

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4 responses to “The Characters of Amouki and Susan Radcliff

  1. I really don’t know, unless Susan is an earthly representation of Amouki. Doubtless we will find out!

  2. Hello Linda, thanks for commenting. I have only made a veiled connection to these two characters in the first book; but I made them of similar physical appearance to trigger a connection in the mind of the reader. More information and development is coming in the second book.

  3. Thank you for your reply, but still I am not sure why Stanley didn’t fall for Susan. Could it have something to do with being drawn more strongly to Amouki’s higher frequency? – Or perhaps it could be the age-old characteristic of perversity: yearning for the forbidden!!?

  4. Hello Linda, thanks for your question. Humans always seem to be attracted to higher frequency beings, and if the beings are beautiful, as many of them are, it is hard not to feel that emotional pull, especially when working closely with them. This was just another test for Stanley, to see if he was maturing emotionally enough to be able to work with others in future.

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