Illusive and Engaging Elemental Beings

An Introduction to the Elemental Beings and Their Role in the Story from the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics 

The story in the Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics is allegorical. However, all the lessons and the beings mentioned in the story are based on metaphysical fact and are drawn from my 35 years experience of teaching a profound metaphysical path.

You may or may not be aware that there are two aspects to human nature. One part desires to cling to the things of the earth – the physical and the recognizable. The other part is not interested in earthly things at all, but yearns after those things we call “spiritual.” When you begin a spiritual journey, it will sometimes feel like you are the battleground as these two forces fight for dominance. There is a good analogy of this very battle portrayed between Krishna and Arjuna in the Battle of Kurukshetra, which forms a vital part of the grand epic of the Mahabharata.

Most fairy tales or allegories concern themselves with these two aspects of humankind’s nature, the material and the spiritual, and usually the fight between the good and the so-called evil is depicted in code or allegory. All these tales are a way of showing the general public the spiritual truths in story form.

The astral plane, which is a part of the zone surrounding our planet, is inhabited by many of the beings that Stanley encounters as he makes his journey to rescue John Korner.


The first time an elemental is mentioned in the story is when Stanley actually creates one in chapter four. This particular form of elemental is one that a magician personally creates as he gathers in the required energy, and then endows it with a particular quality. In this instance, Stanly created an elemental that he impregnated with the idea of protection; he called the elemental Guardian.


The fae is a generic term for the otherworldly creatures, such as the beings that inhabit the four elements of fire, air water and earth. The most common beings connected with the element of fire are the salamanders. In chapter sixteen, Stanley meets Astopho, one of the kings of this fiery element, when he has to cross a volcanic lake. A great number of fire sprites are under Astopho’s control and Stanley feels their effect on his body when he allows his fear to get out of control. Astopho can cause or still the eruption of volcanoes or anything connected with huge fires.

The beings connected with the element of air are the sylphs or the sylphides. These beings are extremely difficult to connect with as they are not at all happy with the way the air on our planet is being polluted. Stanley does not meet any of this type of being in the novel.

There are also some tremendous heads governing the watery element. Stanley meets some of the lesser beings, the mermaids or undines that inhabit this element, when he crosses an underground lake. The undines are extremely sensual and beautiful beings and have caused the demise of many a sailor, as depicted in the German poem, Die Lorelei, by Heinrich Heine. Stanley’s fascination with the undines is also nearly his own undoing.

Stanley also meets some of the beings of the earthy element along his journey. The friendliest towards humankind are the gnomes. He is given various gifts by these beings to assist him on his way, but he is also severely tested as well. The first gnome he meets is Mustpha, one of the kings of the gnomes. Stanley learned to overcome certain negative emotions within himself, so Mustapha gave him a gift; he showed him how to expel a certain type of energy from his palm chakras.

Another gnome Stanley meets is one of King Orova’s subjects. He is in charge of formulating magic crystals for special humans who have a specific function on the earth plane. This gnome gives Stanley a magic ring that can render him invisible.

In chapter sixteen he meets Glemin, one of the worker gnomes who is a subject of King Alumino. The King puts Stanley through the most severe test of all – that of being able to have a genuine philosopher’s stone. A genuine philosopher’s stone would enable him to rescue John Korner, transmute other metals into gold and give him power over life and death.

There are a host of other beings that inhabit the astral world that Stanley does not meet in this novel. Some become more apparent in the following novel, The Book of Arcane Wisdom.


As there are positive or “good” elemental beings, there are also negative or “evil” beings. Stanley is confronted by one of the negative earth element beings – a swamp hag. There is another lesson for him here as he learns to deal with and then utilize his own energetic structure. He meets another negative denizen of the astral plane in chapter eleven, and subsequently learns another lesson.  Everything is reflected in the astral plane, both positive and negative and it is up to the one travelling though it to discern that which is illusion and that which is not. If Stanley was not travelling with Amouki, it would have been almost impossible for him to pass through the realm in his present state of development.

Later in the book, Stanley is confronted by the seven headed water beast and, just by a hair’s breadth, makes it to the other side of the lake To the normal person, this appears as a negative being, a monster that prevents any uninitiated person from crossing over the lake. The monster is also an allegorical representation of the uncontrolled energy of materialism that most people still carry within themselves. Stanley is lucky to escape with his life, as he does not make full use of his awakening abilities. He learns, almost too late, that he is still non-resonant with the deeper spiritual energies he is attempting to move through.

Stanley runs into many other negative elemental beings during his quest to rescue John Korner and obtain an enlightened state that does not desire the material. He meets astrological skeletons, an encounter that proves to be another test. Here, he is still learning, but his old conditioning still gets in the way.  He also meets the servants of the Prince of Darkness, the crumpled grey ones. His own ego is nearly his undoing once again. One would have thought by this time he would have learnt—but like the bulk of humanity, his old conditioning – that to put value and effort into the physical world – flares up, causing him and the doctor a great problem.

If you would like to know more about these elemental beings, please ask me! I would love to discuss them further in depth. What is the meaning and the character behind those who inhabit water? Why are some elemental beings harder to fight than others? In the mean time, make sure to follow Stanley on his quest by reading my book, The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics!

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4 responses to “Illusive and Engaging Elemental Beings

  1. First of all, a big ‘Thank You’ for the priceless knowledge you are sharing. Also, I would really appreciate more information about the elemental beings. ie: What is the meaning and the character behind those who inhabit water? Why are some elemental beings harder to fight than others?

  2. You are very welcome, Linda. Mermaids or undines are the most common beings that inhabit water. Here also a very peculiar class consciousness seems to exist in so far as there are very intelligent royals then moving in rank right down to the tiny water sprites or water fairies. These beings are exceedingly beautiful and are not full of play all the time, but can certainly teach humanity a lot about the fish and the plant life connected to their element.

    To the second part of your question, it depends whether the beings are positive or negative and what rank and power they hold.

  3. Renee Strickland

    Thank-You! Lots of informative information. This is going to seem odd …. But here I go. When I feel this electric movement in my hair I take a picture. What I seem to be capturing is elemental beings by the hundreds maybe thousands in my hair. I have been aware of it for the last three years. I have managed to stay calm
    . I am looking for somebody else dealing with this. I think working with crystals brought them. I almost feel like they are creating more elementals in my hairs auric field. Pretty neat but sometimes at night it’s a bit much. Do you understand this? Know of it? Thanks! Renee Strickland

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