The Sirian Command, the Solar System and Higher Beings – Part Two

I intend describing for you those areas of turbulence that are called disturbances. I wish to describe these for you in the way they begin and to give you as clear an idea as I can pass to you of their nature, their beginning, and their end.  Also, in particular, I wish to describe the procedure to be followed in treating people who are disturbed.

Initially, you must understand that these areas of turbulence are inherent throughout the cosmos, and in such, mankind must participate; not only mankind, but all entities embodied or disembodied.  All suffer, but suffer is not really the correct word; it would be better to say that all experience these turbulences.  It could be said that they are the negative side of a positive process and, of course, yet not. But coming down to specific matters as far as embodied people are concerned, the emotional part of the person is the residence, or the genesis of disturbances through the entity.

If you care to question afterwards, I will explain the development of an entity particularly through the incarnated period.  The emphasis always is on emotion initially, lessening as evolution proceeds.  Therefore, it is not necessarily obvious but somewhat apparent that the basis of all troubles will be the emotional part.  So you can accept the fact from me that all sickness, I can say unequivocally, the root cause of ALL sickness, is based in the emotional part of the person.  Now, this cause is of very, very great interest. Further:

It begins with an experience which is unpleasant, non-natural, something that is unhappy according to your definition of unhappiness. Therefore, there is a slight turbulence beginning, growing, growing.  That turbulence is the attraction of energized particles one to the other.  If you understand, the emotional body is composed of energized particles otherwise it couldn’t function by itself. The disturbance is not something that is unnatural; it is something that is part of the emotional body itself.

So this little maelstrom begins, due to something unhappy, not natural, not good, not in concert, not in pitch, not in resonance with the beam.  So you have the attraction of particle for particle, giving rise to a nucleus.  If the condition continues or has been sufficiently serious, this nucleus begins to increase in its potency, its power, to shall we say, disturb.  And so you have the beginning of turbulence.  This grows, this continues; then, and only then, when that turbulence is there, you have the appropriate focus of energy attracted from outside that takes advantage of that particular turbulence.

The turbulence in itself is not the end effect.  The turbulence does not attract of itself, of course.  The entities whose function it is to cause any one of the thousands and thousands of functions—the entity who is most appropriate, is attracted and comes into the circumstances which it is utterly, utterly geared for.  Then it begins to increase the turbulence and to grow of itself.  It is being nurtured by the circumstance.

This entity that enters, is able to think and, depending on the seriousness of the condition, so the seriousness or intelligence of the entity depends.  A seriously traumatic experience attracts a highly damaging entity; damaging to the entity into which it enters.

So, we have a thinking entity.  This thinking entity is able to go more deeply than the emotional part of the person.  It goes deeply in.  If the experience has been sufficiently serious, it then begins to exploit weaknesses.  Now, each person is likely to be weak in one avenue, where another person is strong.  Of course, this is apparent and not everybody would react to the same type of entity similarly.  Some would become overweight, some would become alcoholics.  Some would become this, some would become that.  Not everyone reacts identically.

The weakness in the overall entity is seized upon, exploited, and, this is the important point, mark it well, that initial entity begins then, itself, to cause disturbances in other parts of the entity, exploiting weaknesses.  So you have your nail biters, so you have your alcoholics, so you have this and this and this, your smokers and so on, all caused from the one initial entry.

Then, of course, as you can imagine, the one initial entry becomes a complex and, depending on the person, able to take a stronger and stronger hold, able to spawn a greater family in all parts of the entity.  Its aim, initially, is disintegration.  Its aim is the retardation of evolution.  It is necessary, don’t mistake me, it is utterly necessary.  Without it there would be no evolution, no growth.  So understand its utter necessity in this pattern.  So, it spawns a family.

Now, mark this well, taking one disturbance out of the person is not the cure; I am going to go a little deeper into this subject in a moment.  I have covered, as I see it, the initial entry.  Now I will cover the deeper aspects of it.

We are to the point where a thinking entity has entered and spawned others in all parts of the entity, where it can.  Remember this word can.  Now, we enter into the complexity of the matter in that no entering entity is 100 per cent positive or 100 per cent negative.  It also is not equally positive and negative.  It is unbalanced or imbalanced.  This is why it is able to enter.  It is attracted because of its imbalance.  The imbalance initially caused by an experience in an entity, the imbalance in the entity attracts an imbalanced entity from outside.  The negative aspect of the entering entity is able to spawn negative and positive aspects of itself.

Now, you must understand that to remove the complexity with which we are dealing, you must have developed both the positive and negative aspects of yourself; both polarities.  It is somewhat useless to dispense with one side and leave the other side resident.

These disturbances, so called, are not such; it will be easier to understand when a better name is coined.  The disturbances are removed completely.  In an afflicted person, if you remove these disturbances completely in one period, you would cause devastation because there is a quota of energy of which the entity cannot cope with more, it cannot cope with less.

If there is a displacement and you remove that displacement, you must replace otherwise you have very severe trouble.   Therefore, your education is such that initially you are going to have failures because you are not fitted yet to replace what you are taking away, but this will come.

I hope you understand the picture I have tried to paint in as elementary a fashion as possible.  You cannot take something away from the entity, you cannot remove something and leave that entity deficient because, shall we say, the invading entities were also channelling energy through to replace.  They were a replacement.

There must be a replacement of energy; there is some imbalance, obviously, which I stated before, but the approximate balance must be maintained otherwise seriousness in some form or another must ensue, either in insanity, severe physical illness or death, depending on the entity.  If you remove something, you must replace it and it is this replacement that is the important part.  The taking away is not difficult.  The replacement is hard and this is what you are being trained for.

There are more aspects of this subject to be covered at a later date.  I would ask you to ask any pertinent questions.  You are being led along a path of understanding now and you have reached the first point.


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