What is the Sirian Command? – Part One

Many of you have been wondering, “what exactly is the Sirian Command?” The following is part one of an inspired explanation. Next week I will post the second part of the explanation.

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions; I’m happy to answer any and all of them for you! For further information please visit: http://www.esotericedu.com


The teaching through the Sirian Mystery School as part of the College of Esoteric Education deals with the profound spiritual constitution of man, but it does so from an energy viewpoint, although other terminology may occasionally be used to enhance understanding. It must be understood that a stellar body deals strictly in energy so this teaching offers an understanding of the universe in terms of energy and frequency and this is the basis of the comprehensive program that the College offers. It is not derived from traditional teachings, although it does assist with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of them.

The teachings of the College are involved with the structure and function of this universe in both its known and unknown operation.  The concepts that are taught involve an understanding of the energy structure of the many forms of existence both observable and non-observable to the conscious mind. The main point to consider is that everything is energy; energy operating in varying degrees of frequency difference.

These teachings depict the universe as a boundless range of energy environments of varying energy spectra and of widely differing functions.  These environments or realms are all inhabited by species peculiar to their own environs and as such are unable to be observed by the human eye, but distinctly observable to the etheric eye.  They are the result of energy nucleified in the form of intelligences and genii, many of which far surpass any human understanding.

We now enter the concept that all existence is energy and we state again that there are many realms of existence comprising energy spectra non-observable to humankind.  These are the realms of the invisible and mostly unknowable; and it is safe to say that the conscious mind of a human being, under ordinary circumstances, is totally unaware.  However, that conscious mind is attended by and is itself a product of certain intelligences that reside in those deeper realms and, by virtue of its resonance, communication or communion and being in tune with them, may be made aware of their requirements.

This brings us to a concept of that which is called in modern terms, a channel or in older terms, a medium. This is an exchange of knowledge from deeper intelligences through people who are resonant with that particular requirement so that that knowledge can be disseminated throughout humanity and so guide it in its ongoing journey back to the Source or the Logos.  Humanity is becoming more and more aware of these intelligences and we now find a growing number of highly intelligent and well educated people being able to access the deeper levels wherein these intelligences lie and channel through information in a more pure form because the information needs to be known on a wider scale.

Sirius teaches of the universal Path of Return and being a source of stellar magnitude itself, and advanced in its own withdrawal, it has the ability to oversee the smaller path that is a planet’s. So we see the supervision of a young planet by a star of ancient age and it is not a subversion of the authority of this Logos but an agency for its advancement.  The effect of Sirian energies is to trigger the planetary ascension.

This Logos in its cycling must integrate with the cycling of the larger solar body which, in turn, must integrate with the cycling of Sirius. If you consider a giant universal clock, similar to the inner workings of an old fashioned wrist watch with all its wheels in mesh and inter-dependent upon each other, the picture becomes easier to understand.

Sirius projects energy foci whose function involves the integration of all these cyclic patterns.  But it is only from Sirius B that the ultimate authority for overseeing this integrated cycling occurs.  Each of the solar systems connected with the Sirian system permits the force of projection carrying the Sirian authority to channel through and some of these projected functions carry the predominant withdrawal imprint of Sirius B.  Let us trace one of these functions in its application to planet Earth.

When the Logos projected mankind, knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom was written in energy so that as mankind developed and searched for answers, it was available to those advanced ones who could then in turn teach it to others. Humanity was never left alone and bereft and certain laws were given to assist and to draw mankind closer to its Source.

These great laws have become corrupted over time and their meaning lost, but these laws are contained in the myths and legends of humanity. One only has to read the myths brought down to the present age about the many so-called quests from times of yore, such as the Grail Quest or some of the famous fairy tales to understand that the meaning is there couched in allegory.

Periodically, in accord with cycling requirements, this wisdom is channelled in the way of a comprehensive teaching.  Such teachings are featured for their universality.  They are not restricted to race, culture or creed.  The principles they announce are applicable from one period to another and to all people.  Wisdom, in this sense, is not something associated with any particular faction or dogma, but the fact that these occur, for purposes that are born through them, is still contained within that overseeing wisdom.

Evidence of this fact has been found throughout all cultures; from the earliest cave drawings to the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead and to our own more modern times of past life regressions and future life progressions. All give evidence of the belief in the continuity of a life far greater than that encapsulated in the tiny mortal cycle of a human being. 

So, we look at the great age of the white dwarf, Sirius B. As an ancient star much knowledge would have been gathered throughout its long existence and then transmuted into that which we call wisdom. This wisdom via streams of solar energy is then channelled to our Sun and the planets.


4 responses to “What is the Sirian Command? – Part One

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  2. I find that I receive spurts of written wisdom via inspirational EUREKA moments. Sometimes a short message, and sometimes a long one. Yes, I edit, for laymen understanding, which in and of itself can take hours.

    One time I signed Joshua to a wrotten wisdom, and then had a huge argument with mySelf about it because I erased the signature and left it blank, even though I was urged from within to sign Joshua to the writing.

    I couldn’t believe it. It certainly sounded soldier-like (the writing) but I written much of these wisdoms, and only recently thought to load them to a blog instead of keeping them hidden. Sometimes I get a short message, meant just for my twitter feed. I don’t think anyone is paying attention. They unfollow me instead, feeling exposed or judging me as “crazy”.

    YET, a celebrity will spin something that sounds similar and everyone eats it up cheering, “Truth!” and asking them unanswered advice. Yet, I’m waving my hands like HELLOOO, let’s discuss that.

    I think celebs don’t answer fans because it isn’t wisdom directly from their within, so they can’t understand what they put out, therefore most valuable and action-wisdom is added to the cliche category with some celebrity name as its source.

    I have a feeling that one of these days many of the same seekers who look to celebrities(money), and not within for answers, will be seeking those such as mySelf for direction. Clearly I understand that we all make our choices as we please, but isn’t the age of ignorance far behind us as we approach the Age of Light?

    Am I being impatient? or selfish by wanting others to wakeup? Should I just care about my own Self and just post as I need to?

    And can one person have more than one entity sending messages/dreams to them?
    I dreamed about much present states and future possibilities(and sometimes the same scenario more than once, like the three days of darkness).

    I know I have a lot of questions, forgive me. Some I can seem to know where to ask because I don’t know where some information is coming from, I hear, see and feel so much. I find out things about mySelf, I feel special but then it dies down because I have no one to share or discuss ourSelves together. Shrug.

    I feel like I’m biding my time until my true purpose is called upon. I will share my b-day here: December 1, 1976 @3:29a.m. S.C.

    Thank you for listening and for whatever you will answer of my askings.

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  4. Hello, thank you for posting your comment. I would suggest that you consider only channelling what the Command calls the Energy Parent or what you might consider as the Higher Self. It is better not to channel other entities unless you know exactly who they are and where they are coming from. There are various ways and means of ascertaining this. Write to me if you need further information at: lyn@EsotericCollege.org

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