Reconnecting with the Source Part One

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In ancient times, all beings had a very close connection to their Source. In fact, they lived according to divine principles that seem to have been lost over the annals of time. In those early times, there was still a concept of ‘going into the stillness’ to be reconnected and rejuvenated. Many thousands of years ago, when these concepts were natural to mankind, there was a need for the humans to be close to the ‘ones,’ or to associate with that which projected them into incarnateness.  And so that which is called ‘prayer’ today, grew out of this, but became hopelessly, tremendously corrupted.

This really relates to the approach of the human to its source, or the idea of having an ability to connect with its source not only in time of need, but in everyday living, and also most pertinently in association with meditation.  It is tremendously helpful for the any meditator today, to go into that which was once called ATAVA.  You may wish to call it stillness or receptive prayer, but that was the original name and in that name is embodied closeness, a connection or a deep communion.  As a person goes voluntarily to meditate, and asks for closeness to its source, there is a combination of energies that flows through from various realms in the Logoic body into the one meditating.

This brings a tremendous measure of attunement to the various realms and it is suggested that each meditator goes ‘into the stillness’ twice a day for a brief period separate from any other meditation with which they are involved.  These energies have a balancing effect and can only be beneficial at all times.

We wish to amplify the meaning of this word ‘communion.’ We have an Energy Parent* that spawns incarnate particles of itself, and we have the imposition of a paramount withdrawal force upon the final part of a proliferating process operating on this planet.  We have been required to teach a meditative path that takes a spawning back into its parental nucleus.  Separate from that travel which is, of course, essential, there is an ability on the part of that Energy Parent to communicate with its child and, of course, vice versa.

The difficulties encountered can be summed up quite briefly.  Over a long period, many thousands of years, an Energy Parent has had experiences, on requirement, and the polarity of this universe has operated through that Parent and the pure proliferating polarity is somewhat obscured by the polarity that is required to operate in opposite function.

So then, we see between the Parent and its incarnate particle, a difficulty of communing, of intimate communing.  We have instructed so that those difficulties can be resolved and the fullness of communication be permitted to go through.

We take you back very briefly in time, way, way back, way beyond the beginning of this cycle and we see the ability of the proliferating one to go back and live in its Energy Parent; not in the nucleus but in its emanating point in the appropriate ring or realm; it was then able to do that.  As time went forward, there was, we can almost use the word ‘severance’ to the point, to the apex where there was no way back except to a few dedicated ones who were able to go back via the avenue of prayer or deep meditation.

This withdrawal force, if you will gather the picture with us, this withdrawal force now begins to operate and over the next several centuries will enter into its momentum.  You are at the beginnings of this and the beginnings are such that with the removal of impediment between Energy Parent and incarnate particle, there is an ability now to go back and rest in that Parent.  Not in the nucleus but the nucleus communicates very closely with its associated ring or rings (realms).

It communicates very closely; the incarnate human could not tolerate an approach to the nucleus; the intensity would be far too great.  But from the emanating point of the spawning in the ring, yes, there is a going back and this is what we are presently terming ‘communion’.  It is beautiful, it is a restful experience and it is something that we now wish promulgated and all meditators should practice this frequently.  Each meditator should encourage an awareness of the ability to do this within himself or herself. So this is its essence is the reconnection with one’s Source.

*For those not familiar with the Sirian terminology, it roughly equates to the soul, the higher self, the divine self, the master within, even though there are many levels to this Energy Parent.

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