About the Author


Lyn Asmar is the Director of the College of Esoteric Education. The Brisbane based College grew out of research into paranormal activity in the early 1970s. The research culminated in the successful development of a modality, which became known under the general term of energy therapy as a treatment for the ills of humankind and is now taught as the “Pathways to Self Mastery.”

Lyn is the Author of several publications available through the College and has just released her first novel. A spiritual thriller which takes the reader on a journey into the realms of Magic and Mysticism.

Lyn is currently working on the second and third books of the Chronicles of El Miron trilogy, as well as various esoteric educational workbooks.

For those interested in other aspects of Lyn’s esoteric work, please visit the website: http://www.esotericedu.com


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